About us


Our beautiful, intact world, our world of "wonderful possibilities" disassembles itself in many ways, the temperature keeps rising and society is gradually "hard-boiled".

The Cologne music scene has repeatedly united in resistance for decades. This is the tradition of the HARD BOILED WONDERLAND project – an international group that includes almost 30 performers.

They present a new, political-poetic form of music performance – with lyrics and music – in response to the most diverse social, societal and ecological issues of our time.

With HARD BOILED WONDERLAND, the group provides vocal resistance and formulates a moving "counter-echo" – as a large mirror of our time.

Quotes and texts from various sources (internet, print media, TV, books, social media, etc.) are processed and form the framework for a multi-layered and full-length music performance.

Refugees, climate, fake news, trolls, micro-plastics, rainforest, garbage, consumer frenzy, environment, digital life, me too, shitstorms, Greta, racism, climate tourism, religious wars, genetic manipulation ... these are some of the topics that the group linked with their pointed text / music collages, scenes and compositions and placed in a completely new light.

The result is a radical artistic examination of texts, statements, verbal derailments from the lowlands of our modern life.

The group's work does not provide ready-made answers, but it does provide food for thought and impulses for a deeper understanding. In the new interdisciplinary approach, "rational knowledge" (facts, figures and information) is transformed into a more profound and action-guiding "emotional knowledge".